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We are the Gallaudet University Multimodality, Acquisition and Cognition (MAC) Lab, directed by Dr. Deanna Gagne. Our lab studies language acquisition and use across individuals with varied modality experiences, including visual (sign, gesture, written), tactile, and spoken/auditory.

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Meet the MAClab Team

Deanna Gagne, PhD

Primary Investigator


Deanna Gagne, PhD: A headshot of Deanna looking into the camera with a slight smile, her hair down.

Hayley Broadway

Research Assistant


Hayley Broadway, M. Ed.: An action shot of Hayley outdoors in a three-way PT conversation, grinning.

Jessica Ennis, MA

Research Assistant

they/them/theirs πŸ‘‰πŸ½/🀚🏽

Jessica Ennis, MA: An outdoor action shot of Jess mid- PT thought.

Kaj Kraus, MA

PhD Student

he/him/his /πŸ‘‰πŸ½/🀚🏽

Kaj Kraus, MA: A headshot of Kaj with a beard and slight smile, looking into the camera, his hair blowing in the wind.

Marjorie Bates, MA

PhD Student


Marjorie Bates, MA: A headshot of Marjorie smiling against a plain background.

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We're more than just a research lab, we're inspiring the future of language!

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